Simply put, Threat Assessments are just that – an assessment of threats – – real or imagined? Potential or possibility? Threat Assessments have been round a long time, used by myriad entities in response to Threats – how to identify and gauge Threats. Utilized with ever more frequency, Threat Assessments are used in academic and business environs responsive to critical incidents involving critical situations. Some institutions have developed significant formulae or graphs to critically assess the threats of any critical issue. The Bottom Line remains – Threat Assessments are just that – assessments of threats.

As critical incidents impact many traditional and contemporary institutions, Threat Assessments aid institutions, whether faith based or secular, and non-profit organizations, in understanding and developing a responsive Assessment and plan to address such issues. Rainier Security Group uses the Threat Assessment as a precursor to developing Security Plans.

Rainier Security Group can help you – both by developing comprehensive and professional Assessments and keeping it simple.

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