Critical incidents and acts of violence against faith communities, public and private sectors, and businesses, both large and small, have increased in recent years. Many of these incidents involve domestic violence, disasters and earthquakes, medical emergencies, threats of violence and active shooters. How do these communities and businesses deal with these situations?

Simply put, faith communities, public and private sectors, and businesses, need to be prepared to face these situations, whether they involve disasters, such as earthquakes, fires, or hurricanes, or active shooters and acts of domestic violence.

An organized response to these incidents and calamities is the development of a Safety Policy and Security Plan – uniquely prepared to address and respond to the needs of these communities and businesses.

Security Plans address significant topics such as building security, assessing the needs for alarms and security systems, background screening of personnel, financial control, medical emergency response, staff safety, to name a few of the topics covered.

There is an increasing number of faith communities, public and private sectors, and businesses that are developing policies and plans to help keep their congregants and employees safe. Many are seeking out professional assistance from professionals. Others lack the training, focus, and realization of what needs to be done. This is a matter which should not be avoided due to a lack of understanding, focus, or concern over costs. It isn’t as costly as those associated with doing nothing.

Join those who have taken the step and developed Safety Policies and Security Plans.

Meet with Rainier Security Group and its team. We are a ‘hands on’ group of highly experienced professionals. We’ll work with your community or business and develop a plan for you – not just cookie cutter products.

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