Rainier Security Group has extensive training and experience in the research, development, and assessment of Threats. Rainier Security Group can help you – both by developing comprehensive and professional Assessments and keeping it simple. Consider Rainier Security Group for your safety and security needs


Security Plans address significant topics such as building security, assessing the needs for alarms and security systems, background screening of personnel, financial control, medical emergency response, staff safety, to name a few of the topics covered.

An organized response to incidents and calamities is the development of a Safety Policy and Security Plan – uniquely prepared to address and respond to the needs of these communities and businesses.

For Faith Communities

Safety and Security Plans tailored for Faith Communities

For Non-Profit Organizations

Safety and Security Plans tailored for Non-Profit Organizations


Utilized with ever more frequency, Threat Assessments are used in academic and business environs responsive to critical incidents involving critical situations from distraught persons acting out their anger, frustration, or pain, to unidentified origins. Some institutions developed significant formulae or graphs to critically assess the threats of any critical issue.

Risk Assessments

Rainier Security Group works with your insurance with Risk Assessments whereby the Insurance conducts surveys of the property and infrastructure of any given institution. Is the property safe for all – from those with disabilities to those who run marathons?

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